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PJSC Semiconductor Plant has a long and proven history of polysilicon production dating back to 1964. In 2008, Activ Solar launched a comprehensive modernization program of Semiconductor Plant. The latest technologies will complement over four decades of expertise to create a state-of-the-art facility.

Located in the industrial heartland of Ukraine, PJSC Semiconductor Plant benefits from close proximity to raw materials and competitive energy and labour costs. In-house production of all utilities, managed by a highly experienced team provides an optimal platform for production, growth and on-going cost reduction.

As originally part of the Zaporozhye Titan & Magnesium Plant (ZTMP) complex, the facility started producing semiconductor-grade silicon in 1964. In the early 1990s, it produced 2.1% of global polysilicon supply and was the only manufacturer of high-purity TCS in the USSR. In 2002, it was separated from ZTMP and became PJSC Semiconductor Plant.













Plant Highlights


  • Highly qualified in-house team with long-standing engineering experience
  • Competitive production costs
  • Strategic partners with proven capabilities to deliver
  • Secured local access to ample raw materials
  • Extensive R&D with leading research institutions

Plant History


March - Launch of full-scale Poly-Si production



October - First Silicon Out


January - Ground-breaking ceremony
March - First pile driven into the ground

Semiconductor Pant acquired by Activ Solar Commencement of comprehensive refurbishment and modernization program

Establishment of OJSC Semiconductor Plant and separation from ZTMP

The plant produces 5% of global supply of titanium & magnesium and 2.1% of Poly-Si

Production of semiconductor-grade silicon commenced

Site restructured to include production of semiconductor-grade titanium and germanium

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